Sunset Climate Zone 15: A Sunday Walk in February

Snow on Mount Diablo

Plum Trees in Bloom with Snow on Mount Diablo

Sunset Climate Zone 15 is described as “Chilly Winters Along the Coast Range.”  Chilly — for Californians — means temperatures below freezing.  Here we drop below freezing some nights during December, January, and February but usually warm enough in the day time that coats are optional.  Today, after a day or two of rain from a typical winter storm, the fog burned away to yield a lovely day, just right for a walk with the temperature running around 50 degrees. There was no doubt about our Sunset Climate Zone 15’s “chilly winter” with “a coast range moderating influence.”  The cold storm, yesterday, left snow on Mt. Diablo, while the plum, pear, and magnolia tress are all in bloom.   Our record high a few weeks ago set all of the blooming in motion
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