Reading with a little help from the bears

Reader bears are encouraging the kids of Payette (Idaho) grade school to read more books.  Donated teddy bears reward those that complete the reading program.

Reader Bear

Sheep in a Jeep is a great book!

Children smile proudly when they get a certificate for finishing the program.  But, their extra joy comes from  choosing a teddy bear — their special reward — to keep and take home.

Such a simple addition to a reading program provides a great incentive for more participation and success.  

These kids are lucky to gain a  reading friend for life.

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1 Response to Reading with a little help from the bears

  1. A teddy bear is a very nice reward for completing the reading program. When I first saw the title of your post I thought it was going to about something a little different. My son’s kindergarten teacher had the kids each keep a special stuffed animal in his/her cubby. When it was quiet reading time, the stuffed animals went with the students to various quiet places in the room and they enjoyed stories together. My son loved it!

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