Second prize

Second prize

I love entering things at county fairs or shows. The pleasure comes from making or growing something yourself – something you think is worthy to show others. There is pleasure in sharing something you are proud of in a quiet way – without having to brag about what you’ve done.  There is fun  going to the fair to see if you’ve actually won something – anything. It makes the trip to the fair far more exciting than just being a spectator.  And there is the reward and excitement of actually seeing a ribbon of success. 

I entered one dahlia in the Monterey Bay Dahlia Society show in Soquel yesterday.  Even though I’m not an expert, I received a second place in a class of dahlias that had multiple entries.  It was only a red dot.  But it made me smile to have received it.

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Sunset Climate Zone 15: A Sunday Walk in February

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Sunset Climate Zone 15 is described as “Chilly Winters Along the Coast Range.”  Chilly — for Californians — means temperatures below freezing.  Here we drop below freezing some nights during December, January, and February but usually warm enough in the day … Continue reading

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February Flurries

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Blizzards and winter storms are buffeting the Midwest and East.  In California, we have our own February flurries.  Finches.  We got started feeding finches a few years ago when I made an innocent visit to the Wild Bird store.  We started with a small … Continue reading

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Break the quiet for a little group music…

I’ll admit it.  I LOVE escalators.  I grew up in a small town without escalators.  When I was little, we’d occassionally go shopping in Spokane where the big department store had five floors and escalators all the way to the top.  My Mom … Continue reading

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Reading with a little help from the bears

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Reader bears are encouraging the kids of Payette (Idaho) grade school to read more books.  Donated teddy bears reward those that complete the reading program. Children smile proudly when they get a certificate for finishing the program.  But, their extra joy … Continue reading

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